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Essential Site Safety from your Basement to your Rooftop


Australia’s Leading Work Place Safety Experts

Essential Site Safety provides solutions to help our customers manage the safety of their work places for employees, customers and visitors.

With a team of highly trained and accredited specialists, Essential Site Safety are the leading experts in Work Place Safety. We have been working with more than 1000 businesses, helping them safely control Work Place risks and identify Work Place hazards.

Our Solutions

Our customers choose Essential Site Safety to ensure their car parks, offices and factories met all Safety Codes along with Regulatory and Legislative compliance requirements.

Safety needs and has to start the moment a person enters your work place. Essential Site Safety offers a wide range of site access solutions to help with the management of Vehicle Traffic, Pedestrian Access and Bicycle Access for car parks and basements.

On-site Safety Compliance is complex – Regulations, Codes of Practice, Legislation, Australian Standards, and WorkSafe. So you can comply with legal and regulatory requirements, our Safety solutions range from Fire Safety, Hazmat, First Response, Height Safety Solutions, Height Safety Audits and Test and Tag.

We offer a wide range of Pallet Racking and Secure Storage Cabinets systems to suit factories of all sizes.  Our pallet racking systems ensure safe storage of pallets, while our storage cabinets ensures hazardous and dangerous goods are securely stored.

Safety Signage

Work Site Safety is important, but it needs to be reinforced with signage to ensure continued safety and compliance. We offer an extensive range of Vehicle Signage, Pedestrian Signage and First Aid Signage to ensure safety of your employees, customers and visitors.

How we Work

Clients choose Essential Site Safety as we are Australia’s leading experts in Work Place Safety.  Our unparalleled knowledge of Work Place regulations along with our extensive experience with Work Place Safety risks and hazard identification ensures our clients are in safe hands.


Detailed Consultation

Beginning with all relevant Work Place Safety regulations, standards and codes of practice,  we conduct a thorough consultation and assessment of your Work Place Access requirements.


Expert Design

Our design team are all highly trained and accredited experts with years of industry experience, which ensures your Work Place Safety solution will be bespoke and unique to your site and access requirements.


On-Site Installation

Installation of your Work Place Safety Solution is completed by our highly trained and accredited team.  All our team are members are employees – we do not outsource our installation to sub-contractors.


Manage & Monitor

After installation, we’ll provide ongoing maintenance and re-certification of your Work Place Safety Solution. This ensures compliance with all standards and codes of practice, and is safe for continued use.

Talented Team. Passionate Safety Advocates.

Our role is to protect people’s lives. We take that seriously.

Essential Site Safety was established to provide safe access for employees, customers and visitors to commercial and industrial work places.   With recent growth and national expansion we now have a highly skilled team to provide Work Site Safety Services in any regional area, any state, anywhere in Australia.

No customer is too big, too small, or located too far away. Our client base is diverse, from billion dollar global businesses all the way down to local mechanic shops.



We are not surprised! Site Safety is a specialised field and best left to the Experts. Contact Us today for an obligation free discussion and quote.