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Wide range of Traffic Management Solutions for your Work place.

Height Control

Our powder coat Height Bars help eliminate damage to vehicles and property caused by oversized vehicles entering areas of restricted height. Our Vehicle Height Bars are available in 2 standard lengths: 3 and 5 metres and come with suspension chain and hanger assembly.

Speed Control

Its important to slow speeding drivers down in areas especially where people and vehicles share the same space. Our 50mm high Australian Compliant Speed Humps will slow traffic and they look good too. With a choice of 50 or 100 tonne rating, they are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications.


Our Bollards are designed for safety, security and asset protection and are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit any location.  Choose from an extensive range of bollards and U-bars including;

  • Permanent Bollards
  • U-bars
  • shock absorbing Bollards
  • Crash Prevention Bollards
  • Removable Bollards
  • Retractable and Fold Down Bollards


Our range of Barriers minimise damage from vehicles, forklifts and low height vehicles. Commonly used for asset protection of  fixed and movable assets, it offers a strong and visible barrier.


Our Bumpers are designed to protect against trolleys and trucks.  Slimline and designed specifically for loading areas, they provide extra protection and minimise damage to building assets. With reflective centres, it offers improved visibility in low light environments.

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